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The foundation of good oral health begins with professional teeth cleanings and oral examinations. While cleaning teeth at home is certainly important, brushing and flossing regularly is not enough when it comes to prevention and early detection of common oral conditions. At Fresh Dental, we provide gentle yet thorough cleanings and checkups for patients of all ages. Whether a person is four-years-old or 94-years-old, routine preventive and diagnostic care is a must. Regular visits to our office can help us address potential concerns early on and thus reduce the need for costly and/or invasive future treatments.

How Cleanings Prevent Disease

Our experienced hygienists provide thorough teeth cleanings that remove substances like plaque and tartar that accumulate along the teeth and gums. Using tiny, handheld tools, our team will gently scrape and rinse away harmful substances that contribute to cavities and gum disease. Scheduling routine cleanings is imperative to preventing dangerous conditions like periodontal disease. This is because the buildup of tartar (the primary contributor to gum disease) is controlled.

For our younger patients, cleanings are a great time to provide oral health education. Our team members are trained to instruct children on the importance of oral hygiene in fun and memorable ways. Providing oral hygiene education during cleanings is a great way to reinforce what parents are teaching their children in the home.

Like children, adults need bi-annual cleanings as well. When performing cleanings, our dental hygienists will screen patients for gum disease and look for signs of potential problems that our family dentist may need to take into consideration during checkups. After professional cleanings, our patients leave our practice with a fresh, clean mouth.

The Importance of Dental Checkups

During checkups, our family dentist will look for more than signs of tooth decay. In fact, an oral examination evaluates the health of the entire mouth and neck. Our team will look for signs of gum disease, infection, enlarged glands, jawbone deterioration, and oral cancer. Using a combination of visual and physical examination techniques along with advanced diagnostic technology, our practice strives to detect potential oral health threats in their earliest stages. This means that our patients can enjoy conservative and cost effective treatments as well as peace of mind.

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