Emergency Dental Care | Fresh Dental | Dallas Texas

When accidents strike and emergencies occur, you can count on our team at Fresh Dental to see you through it. Dental emergencies require specialized and prompt care. For this reason, our Dallas practice offers emergency dental services that include same-day appointments and after hours response, if necessary. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our practice at (214) 484-5978 to speak with a member of our team or to leave a voice message.

Common Types of Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency could be the result of traumatic facial injury such as an accidental fall, force from contact sports, or a car wreck. Trauma to the mouth and face can cut soft oral tissues and dislodge teeth from their sockets or fracture them. Sometimes patients develop deep dental infections that produce painful, throbbing symptoms. In this instance, draining an abscess may be necessary to help ease uncomfortable symptoms. Other common emergency situations include broken restorations such as crowns or bridges. If you have experienced any of the above, it is important to call our office as soon as possible so that we can accommodate your needs and deliver the oral healthcare you deserve.

Responding to Dental Urgencies

If a dental emergency arises, there are some steps you can take to alleviate pain and improve your situation while you wait for professional care. When a tooth is broken or dislodged from its socket by trauma, do not place your tooth in water and avoid touching your tooth and its socket as much as possible. If you can, place your tooth or its pieces in Save-A-Tooth solution (available at most pharmacies) or milk. If neither of these options are available, place your tooth in between your gums and the inside of your cheeks to keep it alive until you can get to our office. In some instances, we can reattach broken pieces of teeth.

After facial trauma, patients may develop lacerations along soft oral tissues. To control bleeding, we recommend using rolled, sterile gauze until you can visit with our dentist for care. If necessary, we may refer patients with extensive injuries to an oral surgeon.

Scheduling Emergency Appointments

When a dental emergency occurs, be sure to give our receptionist as much detail as possible so that we can prepare for your visit. If we are unable to answer the phone, leave a detailed message with your contact information so that we can promptly return your call. We leave room in our schedule for dental emergencies and may arrange for treatment on the weekend and after hours if necessary.

To schedule an appointment, call Fresh Dental at (214) 484-5978.