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In the last decade, dental implants have become an increasingly popular method to replace teeth among dental professionals and patients alike. This is because dental implants are very lifelike and durable. In fact, the dental implant’s metal post can last for decades, if not a patient’s lifetime.

After the titanium implant is embedded into the jaw, patients will visit our practice for the placement of their prosthetic, which may be a dental crown or bridge. Dental implants are ideal because they support all oral health structures including adjacent biological teeth and bone mass. Unlike traditional prosthetics such as dentures, implants help prevent bone atrophy. Our team works with experienced and talented dental technicians to create the custom restorations that are attached to the posts of dental implants.

Custom Restorations for Dental Implants

To complete a smile affected by tooth loss, a prosthetic is needed after a dental implant has been placed. All restorations attached to dental implants are custom made in dental laboratories by experienced technicians.

Patients have options when it comes to the materials from which their restorations can be made. The most popular materials are all porcelain, porcelain fused over metal, or gold and silver alloys.  The reason why bridges and crowns are custom made is so that they fit perfectly between existing biological teeth and on top of the gums. Prosthetics and restorations must complement the proportions of a person’s oral structures for a natural appearance and optimal function.

The Restoration Process

Our staff works closely with oral surgeons or periodontists who place the actual dental implant. Once the dental implant’s post has been fully stabilized by bone mass, patients will come to our office for the placement of their restoration. Before a restoration is made, however, our team will have to determine their specifications. This is done by taking digital images and producing impressions, which are molds of the teeth and mouth. These tools help us determine the size and shape of crowns or bridges so that they will fit between teeth, support neighboring biological teeth, and improve the aesthetics of a smile.

Receiving dental implants and prosthetic teeth are a life changing experience for patients. We understand that tooth loss is devastating to both self-esteem and oral health. Our team takes a compassionate and caring approach to helping patients regain their oral function and improve their appearance.

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