Our Fresh Dental team strives to offer reasonably priced patient care without sacrificing the quality of services we provide. Since we believe that no one should go without the oral healthcare they need and deserve, we offer a few different options for payment.

Dental Insurance

We accept almost all forms of dental insurance. Our office staff will also file your claims and manage some communication with your insurance company as a courtesy to you. We can help you understand your policy’s benefits and limitations when it comes to specific forms of treatment. With recent federal insurance reforms, purchasing insurance has become easier – especially insurance policies for dental and vision care. If your place of work does not provide dental insurance, ask a member of our staff for resources on purchasing a dental policy.

No Insurance? No Problem!

Patients without insurance can sign up for our In-House Dental Plan. With it, one low flat fee is all that’s needed to completely cover your dental checkups and cleanings for the entire year, and you’ll also get 20% OFF all other treatment.

Third-Party Financing and Payment Plans

When dental insurance coverage is not enough or when patients pay out of pocket, some expenses may exceed one’s ability to pay upfront. If patients need extra help financing care, we accept third-party financing from CareCredit, which offers short-term and long-term payment plans.

Care CreditCareCredit is a nationally recognized lender for medical financial assistance. This company provides loans for medical and dental treatment so that patients can pay for their care up front and then repay on their loan with fixed monthly payments. Third-party financing can make necessary care more accessible to patients with or without insurance coverage. CareCredit offers a few different payment options including short-term payment plans and “Pick Your Payment Plans” based on income and long-term repayment cycles.

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